Capt. Robert N. Cressy

Pictures from Greenland 1956-1958

Photos from Capt. Robert N. Cressy USAR

Photos from Capt. "A" USAF

Photos from Maj "B" USAF

The pictures on the following pages were taken by my father: Capt. Robert N. Cressy, USAR and by two of his friends who do not wish their names to be published. I wish to thank these gentlemen and their families for the use of these pictures. Those of you who were there will, no doubt recognize people and places. I apologize in advance if I missed (or misspelled) a name or a location. I was 10 at the time I was there and my memory isn't as good as it was then. If you have any corrections, please write to me RICHARD and I will correct any errors. Also; if there are any images you wish to download for personal reasons, permission is herby granted. If you wish to use the pictures in any publication, please write to me with the details of the publication and I will decide if permission will be granted. All pictures are watermarked, and can be traced back to this site. Thanks for visiting; enjoy the journey.

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